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Thermal Products Corp THERMAL PRODUCTS CORPORATION - Tucson, Arizona

About Us

Located in Tucson Arizona, has been serving the HVAC industry since 1984. Since its inception, we have been manufacturing and delivering quality thermally actuated and electronically actuated VAV ceiling diffusers and other types of air distribution that meet the industry design criteria at an affordable price.

Our diffusers feature an "exclusivering damper" which acts as a valve and solves the basic problem inherent to disk type dampers or multiple diffusion blade dampers.

This design assures the system designer of the full 70-78° degree operating range of the diffuser regardless of the system pressure variations or damper position.

The owner, president and founder, Robert Scacco, is a mechanical engineer with vast experience in building design. In addition to owning Thermal Products Corp., he has owned and operated a contracting business for over 30 years. Thermal Products Corp., brings you infinite experience in the HVAC Industry.